Our approach is deeper and more creative.

We believe that the way you express yourself has a profound effect on your progress in life.  From the way you answer an exam question to the tone of your emails to the way you respond in an interview, your command of English will affect the way you get on at school, at university and in life.

So, yes we can help you prepare for an assessment test - we can give you the tools you need to tackle a question on poetry, or a comprehension - but we can do more.  We can help you put gentle wit and personality into your communication.  We can give you a ‘voice’.


Working with an English professor, we run a 20-week, online course, combining both Literature and Language.

Our aim is to give you a mature and engaging style in both the written and spoken word.

We set you tasks, comprising literature criticism and creative writing.  We provide weekly feedback and tutorial sessions on Skype as you proceed through the course.