A Boarding School for 2016 - “Have I left it too late?”

All the sensible advice is that you are too late, that you need to plan for your child’s education at least two years in advance and that you have to enquire, register, visit, sit entry tests, select the right school, etc. etc.  It’s no wonder it generally does take even more than two years.

But what if you have to move, what if your son/daughter’s school is simply not up to the task, what if your work or family circumstances dictate that a place at a top boarding school is essential and for September of this year?

You could try working through The Sunday Times Parent Power guide, you could trawl through the Best Schools website, you could talk to friends, read The Good Schools Guide, you could panic or you could give up, even before you start.  If you are lucky enough to find a school with a vacancy how can you be sure that the school is right for your child?  At this stage it looks like an impossible task and, with schools closing at the end of June for the summer holidays, time is not on your side.

A solution may be to approach an Education Placement Agency or Consultancy but again how will you know who to approach or who to trust?

At this point I have to confess to being one of those Educational Consultants but what I can offer is not possible through any other agency.  For ten years I worked as Registrar for Admissions for one of the top UK Boarding Schools.  During that time I built a close working relationship with my fellow Registrars in all of the top boarding schools.  We attended Education Shows and Exhibitions, we took UK boarding education to Switzerland and Dubai, interviewed in Hong Kong and worked hard to make the Independent Schools Show in London the great success that it is today.  We may have been in competition but we actually worked very closely with one another too.  It was the closeness of this community that first tempted me to set up Fairfield Education and I am now trusted to hold the only comprehensive list of Boarding vacancies for September 2016 as we speed towards the summer holidays.  The schools trust me with this information, they inform me when vacancies arise and they take my recommendations to them seriously.

There is no short-cut to making the right application to the right boarding school but with our experience as a small bespoke organisation, we can compress the whole process into a very short time period.  This only works through complete trust.  Parents must trust our judgement and be prepared to move very quickly in order to secure that elusive place.  I cannot guarantee that Rugby, Oundle, Tonbridge or King’s Canterbury will actually have a space but I can guarantee that I will know if they do.

Detail of the process is on our website www.fairfield-education.com and if you feel that we could assist you just get in touch by email or phone.  We should be able to help and if we can’t we will be honest enough to tell you.

Rory I Reilly
+44 7810 637 555