As in any good performance, in a successful interview you find something more within yourself.

We offer interview coaching in 40 minute sessions over Skype or Facetime.  Our first session is free.  If you can see the value in what we do, then we suggest you commit to a course.

Level 1 interview coaching - 3 sessions: we will teach you how to communicate your content - the information and experience you have in a natural and engaging way.  We will also coach you on listening and on how to make the interview more dynamic through posing your own questions.


Level 2 interview coaching: 6 sessions.  During this course, as well providing the building blocks of Level 1, we will work with you on content and we will help build your confidence through training on more prolonged, presentation-style delivery - because many of the skills required for presentations are usefully transferrable to interview scenarios.

We will give you preparation work in between the sessions.