One of the great strengths of Fairfield is that we really know UK schools.

How do you make the best choice?

You can look at league tables or guide books, you can see which schools other people are choosing, but the reality is it is hard to get under the skin of a school.  Beneath the superficial data, important facts are often obscured.  For instance, many so-called boarding schools become relatively empty at weekends, so what is boarding life actually like for the overseas pupil?

Of course, some of the most well-known schools are also the best.  But there are many seriously good schools which are less well known.  We can help you create a shortlist that caters for both ambition and pragmatism.

We have taught in top UK schools.  We have friends teaching in many of the great schools.  We know the head teachers.  We know the pupils, the parents and the alumni.  We also know how each of the schools on our list is faring.

We can tell you whether a school will meet your expectations and we can advise you on your child's ‘fit’ there.