Stage 1
The consultation will cover pupil and parent details, aspirations in terms of target schools, and a brief assessment of the candidate.  There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Stage 2
Full details of the Fairfield process for the individual candidate will be provided ahead of Registration.

Stage 3
Academic and Extra-curricular analysis
This will include analysis of school reports, examination results, pupil CV and references.  It may be necessary to complete a Fairfield academic assessment. 

Stage 4
Presentation to schools

A Candidate Summary, based on all available data including interviews with candidates and parents, will be prepared and presented to the target schools.  It is hugely important to place the candidate in context for the these schools.  School visits will be arranged as appropriate.

Stage 5
Application and School entry assessments
Guidance on, and all administration associated with, entry examinations, timings and locations will be provided.  Assistance with interviews will form part of this process.

Stage 6
School Placement
In the event of more than one offer being received Fairfield will be on hand to offer guidance.  All necessary administrative details will be dealt with.

Fees payable for this service will be in two stages; 50% at Registration and the balance on receipt of an offer.  Schools will not be asked for any commission as this could simply compromise the process.  Applicants will only be charged if there are appropriate vacancies.

If offers from the target schools are not forthcoming Fairfield will then explore other possibilities in order to secure a place at another UK boarding school.