European Family    

Year 9

We could not have been happier with our experience with Fairfield Education. We approached Fairfield as total novices to the UK boarding process, with a difficult brief and limited time. We were immediately impressed with Fairfield's knowledge of the best schools, and their strategic judgement was top notch. However, what will always stands out most in our minds is the warm and personalised attention they brought to the search. We felt accompanied every step of the way; from the first conversation, through to the  offers stage and onto the school selection. Thanks to Fairfield, our son can look forward to many happy years in a top school.  Fairfield made the impossible possible.

European Family    

Year 9

At the start of the summer holidays 2016 the time seemed suddenly ripe for the momentous decision. Yet with a shock we realised that UK schools were about to close for summer holidays, and we ourselves had already booked our plane tickets to fly south.

However, on no account were we going to make concessions! Now that we had reached the decision to board, we wanted to give our daughter a tailor made solution: combining excellent academic prospects with a welcoming, warm environment. A place she would thrive in and could develop her musical talents. A very tall order!  We wondered how we could possibly scour all the possible schools and secure an appointment within reasonable time.

Luckily someone trustworthy pointed us into direction of Mr Rory Reilly. Despite the time pressure we never felt rushed. Rory took us with precision through the detailed process and offered us a range of services to chose from.

We - parents but very importantly also our daughter - had several intensive Skype sessions. Mr Reilly got an idea of who we were and what we exactly needed. In record time he drew a short list of four brilliant schools that ticked all our boxes. Thanks to Rory's excellent standing with headmasters,  he arranged four interviews with impressive schools - all within three consecutive days!

Our  daughter took to boarding life, like fish to water. She is very happy, and her school results in this first term are simply outstanding. We all feel very lucky indeed. I am convinced this happy end was not so much due to fair Lady Fortune, but to Rory's uncanny skill to find the ideal match for our child. 

Hong Kong family    

6th form

My son studied in one of the prestigious secondary schools in HK. His academic results in science subjects were very good but we wanted him to look outside the HK system.  We felt grateful that we met Mr Rory Reilly. Mr Reilly suggested my son to have school visits in some of the boarding schools where he could talk to some sixth form students. That was the turning point of my son’s decision. He started to strike for his dream – not fulfilling the HK DSE syllabus but striving to develop his interests and abilities. 

Choosing appropriate schools is the most difficult part in the application processes. Some popular agents in HK simply suggest names of boarding schools based on the academic performance of the students. Some of my friends applied to seven or eight schools as they worried that their child could not get an offer. That was a nightmare. We are so thankful that our son only applied to three schools and he received offers from all the three. We humbly thank Mr Reilly for his wisdom and valuable advise. That means so much for our whole family!



My children and I relocated from Monaco to Haywards Heath last summer. Not only was it a change of school but of home and country too!  Although I had already started looking and visiting schools a year previous to meeting Rory, he was an invaluable source of information and help in guiding us throughout the whole process. 

Eventually we found all the home comforts and pastoral care at Ardingly College just the place for us all. I have immersed myself too in school life and the children have settled in with total ease. All thanks to Rory and Fairfield!



Our son made his decision to change to boarding school (in another country) at very short notice indeed, in fact only two months before the beginning of the new academic year. Fairfield Education provided us, in the shortest possible time, with outstanding support in finding a range of suitable schools, and arranging visits and entrance tests. This, despite the almost reckless pace, was handled with great care, skill and wisdom. In personal conversation both with us and our son, Rory Reilly showed very clearly that he was not providing an off-the-shelf service, but responded attentively to individuals needs and intentions. He was able to offer us a short-list of outstanding schools, each of which would itself have been completely acceptable, where places were still available despite the narrow timeframe. This reflects his obviously deep experience, assiduous attention, and excellent links with senior school officials. (In all this clearly we were observing only the tip of the iceberg.) His support was invaluable and our son now finds himself at an outstanding school which meets his needs in virtually every possible way. Such an excellent outcome was, under the circumstances, scarcely imaginable without this support. The fact that Rory Reilly has continued to follow up our son's progress is, we think, also testimony to his highly professional and personable approach.


"We are so grateful for Rory's clear, thoughtful and sensitive advice.  He took trouble to get to know our daughter, and all of us as a family, and from that to work out what she needed, without preconceptions."  

"The way he then swiftly worked with the schools we were interested in was nothing short of miraculous:  matching our needs to theirs, and being both ambitious and practical..  We cannot recommend his services highly enough, and strongly encourage those who use them to heed his wise counsel.  He always had our best interests at the forefront of everything he did for us."